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Happy New Year!

Well dear readers, it’s yet again time to say goodbye to another year! Whether you like to sit at home and ignore the fact that we have an arbitrary celebration based around our planet’s orbital period, or going out to pain the town in a blur of drunken rage we would like to say the same thing to you.


Let’s Do Something Unusual

And by that I mean “Let’s talk about dating!” At this point you might very well be asking yourself “what the hell does this have to do with anime?” and I understand that. At this point the site has been more about the general bits and pieces that surround anime than anime itself. But trust me when I say there’s a reason for this.


News:The Trailer for Dawn of the Seeker is out

We ran a similar article a while ago, but keep in mind it was more about the teaser and the reactions it gathered as opposed to an actual piece on the trailer itself. Well, the actual honest to God trailer is finally out and fans have made themselves heard!


So, Capcom is totally opening a bar

We know that this isn’t strictly anime-related (hell, is it even related in a tangible manner?) but gaming and anime overlap so well that it’s not unusual to see the two go hand in hand to make a perfect match, so here it is.


So about the Rurouni Kenshin Movie…

The live-action adaptation of this classic known to many as “Samurai X” has been doing the rounds online. From mere cast and script description to actual photos and even a teases trailer to go with it all, but how is it coming up?


Happy non-denominational holiday!

Here at AnimeMB we would like to thank you for your continued (if not scarce) support and attention, so on these great and joyful holidays we have come up to say that it’s all thanks to you that we can say “Merry Christmas!” for yet another year!


News: New teaser of “Dragon Age: Dawn of the Seeker”

You can view the original trailer on our facebook page here. The new trailer has been out for a couple of days and it already seems to be getting some hate on youtube, but does it really deserve it?


Subs Vs Dubs Part III: The final verdict!

Well, it’s time to round up this pet-project trilogy and there is no better way to do so other than with a simple and short article that goes straight to the matter at hand? Which one is better?


Subs Vs Dubs Part II

Well, we already dealt with one part of the equation and we are gonna give the same treatment to this next bit. Hope you are ready to read and dive into a new opinion article on our new series! Keep in mind that the conclusion is soon to come.


Subs Vs Dubs Part I

We hinted at this article on the Facebook page a while ago, but it seems no one cares or that our fans are a bit to shy. But here you go, oh loyal readers, it’s now time to decide which one is the better choice. Today we take a swing at subs.


News: The secret world of Arrietty

Greetings, folks! We are just dropping by today to let you know that the English dub trailer for “The secret world of Arrietty” made its way onto Youtube a while ago. The American release is nigh, people!


Retrospective: How about Digimon?

This is the one show that people always bring up when someone speaks about Pokemon, so why don’t we make a piece on it for nostalgia’s sake? Today won’t be much different from the article we had yesterday. The only major difference is perhaps the show we speak of and the way we do it.


Do you remember Pokemon?

Do you really REMEMBER Pokemon? I certainly do, and not just because it’s still going strong. No, I remember it because it captivated me as a young teen and gave me some of the best games of my youth. But above all else, I remember the anime.


Anime Review: Claymore

We’ll start off today with a review of Claymore, a title that I could have sworn to have reviewed already but that seems to be missing from the site entirely. What better way to fix that than making a shiny new review cycle for both the anime and manga?

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