Subs Vs Dubs Part III: The final verdict!

Posted By EthaNox On December 4, 2011

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Subs Vs Dubs Part III: The final verdict!

Well, it’s time to round up this pet-project trilogy and there is no better way to do so other than with a simple and short article that goes straight to the matter at hand, that being “which one is better?”

It’s a matter of personal preference

Ja, like we would really give the two people reading the site so far a crappy answer like that! See, the point to make here is that it depends on quality. So you can’t really say which one is the over-all best until you take everything into account, which is why I would like to give a final answer now, seeing how watching anime for years has given me a taste of both the worst and best of subs and dubs.

Subs will more often than not triumph over dubs, almost every day! Not only are they cheaper and faster to make, but if they are properly applied it adds a sense of elegance to the whole thing. Sure, some jokes are lost in translation, but you can always add a segment at the end explaining them in text if someone cares to know them, or hell, add a “Translator’s notes” function to the menu.

I love both subs and dubs, so seeing both being a choice on a DVD or BR menu makes my day, but when it comes to watching the actual show with one of them then you can count of me to choose that. Hell, I beat the Assassin’s Creed arch for Ezio (save for Revelations, which is still in the mail) by playing in Italian with subtitles, just so it would feel more authentic.

So, pat yourself in the back

If it so happens that you chose subs over dubs, but remember that both of them are great in their own merits and it’s good to give them a chance every now and then to broaden your horizons.´

Stay tune for some actually relevant content some time soon, or late!

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