Subs Vs Dubs Part I

Posted By EthaNox On November 3, 2011

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Subs vs Dubs

We hinted at this article on the Facebook page a while ago, but it seems no one cares or that our fans are a bit to shy. But here you go, oh loyal readers, it’s now time to decide which one is the better choice. Today we take a swing at subs.

They are a personal preference

But that still doesn’t mean that you can’t judge them for their individual faculties as one being better than the other, which is precisely what we are going to do here!

We decided to start with subs, as it seems that these are the most common candidate to be chosen as a winner, which is perfectly understandable since it’s the way most anime are distributed around the web. It could be said that subs have a bigger fan base due to the level of exposure they have, but we also have to take into account the fact that many manage to keep the “essence” of anime.

That being the actual Japanese language. Plus, they also tend to be able to translate jokes and puns properly with the aid of some “translator’s notes,” which gives the anime an extra flavor that makes it into a fun way for people to get used to the spoken Japanese language.

So, to sum up the pros we have the versatility of being able to release new episodes in an expedient manner (piracy discussions be damned), and the extra flavor that comes from having notes that can be added to enhance the overall experience, not to mention a pretty big fan base!

So, it’s a pretty clear cut win for subs right? Not so fast there, Tex. Subs have some pretty huge drawbacks too, and we are not exaggerating when we say that. Some of these problems are so big that they might turn people off from subs in their entirety
The saddest part is that most of these issues are also their greatest strengths. So hold on to your butts, because here we go.

This is why you fail

If it’s true that dubs vary wildly in quality this goes double for subs, because they aren’t supported by paid professionals; they are the indie and sometimes outright ghetto solution to watching anime. Some are excellent and are released on a schedule that is simply fantastic, but for every good sub team you get at least 10 more who can’t stick to a release format, change fonts constantly and always modify the intros with annoying texts, messages, and ads.

Some are legit while others simply suck, and nothing is worse than having an anime whose subtitles are ridden with typos or has an intro and outtro that gets a huge splash of the sub group begging for donations. I understand that they need money to keep things going, but Jesus, some of these guys seem like a bunch of assholes at times.

Besides, there is the problem that comes with having so many translator’s notes that your anime ends up looking like a flowchart. Good luck ripping that for an AMV. And just to round up the bit about sub groups, there is one huge problem for many here. It’s the fact that some groups switch grammatical stylings half-way through a show. Now bear with me for a second, I don’t necessarily mind the Japanese suffixes but if you need to type a translator’s note explaining what “Chan” and “Kun” are (amongst other things) then for God’s sake, don’t stop using them all of sudden!

And for the last big drawback, it seems that subs tend to attract more weebos than dubs (keep in mind we explained a while back how this word is not meant for all anime fans) and not just weebos, but also elitist ones. If I had a penny for every Naruto headband-clad asshole who said “I watch anime in Japanese to help me learn it” only to then turn to his friends and start using a crude mix of pseudo Japanese to address each other, I wouldn’t need to freelance for a living.

Hell, the fans tend to hurt the subs community more often with their annoying habits than most lawsuits could hope to manage.

And that’s a wrap

Next time we will deal with dubs, so keep your eyes peeled for more. Who will win? In all honesty I don’t know, but you’ll have to read on.

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