Do you remember Pokemon?

Posted By EthaNox On October 14, 2011

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Do you remember Pokemon?

Do you really REMEMBER Pokemon? I certainly do, and not just because it’s still going strong. No, I remember it because it captivated me as a young teen and gave me some of the best games of my youth. But above all else, I remember the anime.

When I was your age…

There were only 151 Pokemon and I caught ‘em all! It was also the time when the show begun to run its course and became an immediate media phenomenon. It was a great anime with a likable cast of characters, a nice and creative setting, and an art style that was easy enough to draw for its fans (we all at one point or another drew custom Pokemon!)

And that’s what really makes me sad. See, even as a kid I could tell there was something odd with the show. I watched it daily, played Red and Blue, eventually moving to Yellow, Green, Silver and Gold (yes, all my characters were named Ash and my rival was Gary). Yet, being such a sucker for its merchandise and the games that bore its logos I still knew the show was going nowhere.

I woke up to a series of facts, the most annoying one being that Ash could defeat the Elite 8, and their equivalents in other regions, and get no more acknowledgement for his feats that a very rare and occasional “Hey, it’s that guy!” The second one was also a realization that nagged me, he would never grow up nor have kids with Misty.

Yes, this is corny as hell but my friends and I loved the theory of Ash and Misty getting together and then have the following seasons deal with their child growing as a Pokemon master. We all hoped for something that never quite happened.

The show wouldn’t grow with us

We were slowly drifting away from the Pokemania phase, either because of Digimon or other shows. The local channels still showed the new episodes and we watched them, but the games felt old hat and repetitive, not to mention that pretty much everyone I knew had realized the hardest truth about the show.

Ash was a mere vehicle to justify the introduction of new Pokemon, and we would never get to be him. All the games introduced us to areas that were presented to us at roughly the same time as the show, plus all the Pokemon found within. But we were never Ash, and he now had this annoying habit of letting go of old Pokemon and companions in order to trade them off for new ones.

He never caught them all, and our suspension of disbelief was strained by the fact that Professor Oak would constantly forget about the existence of the Pokemon presented in other seasons. Not to mention that everyone would act as if the new regions that they seemingly pulled out the show’s continuity’s ass were known to them.

So where are you going with this?

I guess it’s nothing but a simple retrospective of an old fan. I followed the show until the Jotto Journey and realized that the games and other media would always be there. A part of me felt as if they weren’t meant for me now, though.

A new generation of Pokemon masters would take the torch and find their own Legendary Pokemon but Missign0, Mew, Mewtwo and Lugia would always be the best for me… Well, maybe not Missign0, he was a massive game breaking douche.

I know that the games are still fun and numerous, but I feel that the sense of wonder I got from them is gone and that the new characters Pokemon now had their turn to shine and I hope that a game with such a deceptively simple formula is still around for years to come.

And to close let me say this: the original episodes are some of the best care free and fun moments to be found in anime, even if they haven’t aged all that well.

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