News: New teaser of “Dragon Age: Dawn of the Seeker”

Posted By EthaNox On December 5, 2011

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News: New teaser of “Dragon Age: Dawn of the Seeker”

You can view the original teaser on our facebook page here. The new trailer has been out for a couple of days and it already seems to be getting some hate on youtube, but does it really deserve it?

It’s an incarnation of the capital sins of anime

Said sins being the adaptation of a western source, one that’s so western it basically has every fantasy trope in it, followed by the use of CGI instead of the usual animation techniques, the fact that it’s geared towards Western audiences and finally, the inclusion of a setting that won’t suit itself well to cheap fan-service. Sure, there can be fan-service involved but I doubt we’ll see a damned beach episode…so, it’s like an anime made to be some sort of un-anime, right?

Count me in to love it as crappy or campy as it might turn out. I mean it. Why? Because I love the look and feel the few frames present in the trailer have, sure they look like cheap cell-shaded graphics for a budget game, but they still look crisp and fresh, not to mention that it brings me back to some of my favourite shows from the 90’s. Besides, it would be good to see a modern anime that didn’t spend half an episode focusing on panty-shots.

I’ll give this a chance

And so should you. Some western sources haven’t meshed with anime, but others have been a lot of fun; an example of this is the Halo-based anime titles, which were all good and fun (save for the crappy samurai themed one). So why shouldn’t this be more of that? Go to our FB site and hit the youtube link so you can voice your opinion on whether or not you like it!

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