Happy New Year!

Posted By EthaNox On January 1, 2012

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Happy New Year’s!

Well dear readers, it’s yet again time to say goodbye to another year! Whether you like to sit at home and ignore the fact that we have an arbitrary celebration based around our planet’s orbital period, or going out to pain the town in a blur of drunken rage we would like to say the same thing to you.

Have a good year!

Seriously, it might be the last one you had! And if not, then you’ll get to say that you lived through the apocalypse! All joking aside, we are really happy to have you as one of our very shy, yet especial readers. It’s thanks to you and the help of our sponsors that this little site can stay afloat and deliver late news, irrelevant reviews and the thoughts of a weird and angry man who happens to be its sole writer.

We owe it all to you, so try and have a good time because you deserve it! People the world over will be celebrating this great holiday at their respective hours and a very small, yet especial, group of them will be able to look forward to one more year of good stuff from this little site!

Thank you

Now go on and have a great time! Our new year’s resolution will be to bring more timely updates (JA!) and classic reviews, but don’t feel shy to throw a few suggestions our way. We really appreciate the feedback you guys bring.

Happy New Year fellow otakus!

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