News:The Trailer for Dawn of the Seeker is out

Posted By EthaNox On December 30, 2011

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News: The Trailer for Dawn of the Seeker is out!

We ran a similar article a while ago, but keep in mind it was more about the teaser and the reactions it gathered as opposed to an actual piece on the trailer itself. Well, the actual honest to God trailer is finally out and fans have made themselves heard!

I take everything back

I think that I was optimistic at one point during the last article on Dragon Age’s “Dawn of the Seeker” anime; boy has that changed or what? This new trailer did a number on my expectations, and by that I mean that it serves less like a trailer and more as a “how not to do this kind of thing” visual guide.

We have the sped up editing switching wildly from partial fight scene to angry close-ups, the angry shouting that I’m pretty sure at this point looks bad in any anime other than Gurren Lagann, the heroic leaps, gratuitous blood and so many other cliches that we could name the trailer “Anime from the late 90’s in a nutshell.” My only source of solace comes from the fact that it looks nice, yes it might be crazy but I believe it looks good.

It dares to look different…

Cell-shading is a tricky thing, most people either love it or hate it without any middle-ground, but here it looks damn nice. Whoever says it looks like a crappy PS1 cut-scene clearly doesn’t remember the PS1 all that well, and to be honest some of the characters are more akin to what a western audience might like, rather than say, spiky haired teen in belt buckles # 152.

But it still looks bad

Either Ferelden has been flooded by molasses or the animation is painfully slow. It’s hard to tell when it’s made in “Slow-mo” and when it’s just the animation being clunky, not to mention that it’s packed with really poor looking blood and is so over the top that we can only hope it’s cheesy enough to be fun.

Seriously, hoping that this thing turns out to be super cheesy in an “80’s movie kinda way” is its best shot at being anything more than a failed experiment.

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