Happy non-denominational holiday!

Posted By EthaNox On December 24, 2011

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Happy non-denominational holiday!

Here at AnimeMB we would like to thank you for your continued (if not scarce) support and attention, so on these great and joyful holidays we have come up to say that it’s all thanks to you that we can say “Merry Christmas!” for yet another year!

Spice up the holidays

We have been writing for you for a while, so we can safely say that your Christmas present to us happens to be the great and loving care you put into reading these articles and keeping us out of the poor house! So let us return that joy with a little series of suggestions for you.

For those real late on gifts

You can jump in to sites such as Play Asia and get yourself some great goodies, such as a spankin’ new Playstation Vita (for a fresh 600 bucks) or jump into their weekly videogame specials if you have an important someone who happens to be a gamer. Hell, you can even give yourself a treat and get some nice and fresh games right out of the oven such as Final Fantasy XIII-2, because who could ever have enough of FF XXIII?!

Now, all jokes aside we’ll assume you are not a horrible person and that you bought your significant other/loved ones a present in time (seriously, order now and say it was delayed to New Year’s eve, they’ll believe you). So we’ll go ahead and say that aside from getting a bunch of figurines or calendars from sites such as J-list there is no better thing to do for an Anime fan than watching the best holiday specials out there!

Something to keep you warm

Not to mention it will also give you the perfect excuse to cuddle! You can sit down and enjoy the onslaught of Christmas/winter themed OVAs of titles that range from Clannad and Haruhi to classics such as Pia Carrot and Love Hina. It’s all up to you, so enjoy going through your DVD collection and just browsing for the right one.

Pro-tip: If it has any romance, fan-service, comes from the fall season or happens to be a long running show THERE WILL BE A WINTER/CHRISTMAS EPISODE. We mean it, even the last bit of School days happened around winter time (warning: this one might not lead to cuddling).

At the end of the day what matters is that you have a good time and enjoy yourself, whether you like to sit at home and watch a ton of anime or just hang out with the family, Christmas will always be better when you are doing what you love and enjoying it.

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