Live Action Space Battleship Yamato

Posted By Erin On July 29, 2009

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Live Action Space Battleship Yamato

Announced at Otakon by Noboru Ishiguro, original director of the series, Space Battleship Yamato, the show will be seeing a revival after twenty-six years with a new anime film and live-action feature.

Space Battleship Yamato, or Space Cruiser Yamato or Star Blazers, as it has been translated in the past, is the story about Earth in the year of 2199. Humanity is living in bunkers far below the surface after the planet has been attacked by radioactive bombs, leaving it uninhabitable. The alien race, Gamilas, are trying to eradicate humans in order to take over and make the planet their new home. Contacted by Queen Starsha of the planet, Iscandar, humans are told she holds a device called the Cosmo-Cleaner-D, a system that can save Earth from the radioactivity. The humans race to restore an old battleship, the Yamato, and use the blueprints provided by the queen to install a wave motion engine, to help them get to her faster, in time to save Earth.

Space Battleship Yamato’s first season was twenty-six episodes and suffered heavy dubbing and editing when it had a limited release in the UK and the US. Names were changed, entire scenes cut and the general story was shifted from the battleship and the Japanese concept of ‘the honorable enemy’ to a study on the individual crew members. Since the original run, the show has had two more seasons, the third originally intended to have 52 episodes and was cut to 25, resulting in a weak story. There was also four movies and at one point, producer Yoshinobu Nishizaki tried to create a spinoff called, Yamato 2520, but it never got past four produced episodes after his company suffered bankruptcy.

The live-action will be based off the original show from 1974 and it has been said by Noboru that famous Japanese idol, Takuya Kimura from the group, SMAP, will be starring in the space opera. He did not specify which character Takuya would fill the role as, but it can be speculated he may play either Susumu Kodai, the hot headed young battle chief of the Yamato, or possibly Susumu’s friend, Daisuke Shima, the chief navigator and helmsman.

Though the multi-talented Takuya is thirty-six to date and perhaps too old to be presented as either of these characters, there has not been enough press release about the film to further contemplate beyond such a well known actor taking one of the leading roles.

The new anime film, being headed by producer, Nishizaki, is called Yamato: Rebirth, set to release on December 12, 2009, as told to the press. Nishizaki says the film will take place in 2220 and an expanding black hole forces Earth to be evacuated. The transportation fleets are attacked, but protected by the Yamato, now captained by Susumu Kodai.


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  1. Hey! That’s not the Yamato! That’s the Irresponsible Captain Tylor’s Soyokaze!!! XD

  2. Well, the one used in the picture for the article is the Yamato, the one added at the bottom from the “Starblazers” wallpaper is the Soyokaze.

    So both ships are technically present in the article in a way, unless your comment was about the wallpaper in which case it could be attributed to the way tags work.

  3. How dare we!!! We must build 100 battleships to rid earth of communists and terrorists…let em roam the seas at will with a lunatic crew to raise hell on the high seas. Then and ONLY then…will the earth be safe once more…

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