Life Size Gundam Unveiling in Japan

Posted By Erin On July 12, 2009

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Yoshiyuki Tomino, creator of the original Gundam show, is celebrated this summer with a Gundam convention. The 30th Anniversary Project has been broken into three main segments, Real-G, Feel-G and Soul-G.

Real-G, which happened on Friday evening at Tokyo’s artificial, was the unveiling of a 18 meter or 59 foot tall, life size Gundam, the RX-78-2, which not only lights up, but can move its head as well. The Gundam has been under construction for some time and photographs and videos have been posted throughout the work in progress.

The figure is fiberglass and plastic over a steel frame that has fifty emitters all over its body to light up at dark and can shoot mist from fourteen different points within its structure. The model stands just four train stops away from the Tokyo Big Site, where the Gundam Big Expo convention will be held. Bandai NAMCO is currently determining what to do with the statue once the allotted two months are up and it is to be removed.

The statue was honored by voice actor Tohru Furuya, was acted as Gundam pilot, Amuro Ray, Gundam fan and vocalist of the theme songs for the Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam movie trilogy, Gackt, and of course, Yoshiyuki Tomino himself. Tomino spoke about the Gundam, remarking how he was initially against the project to build it, but after seeing the toy-like colors against the Tokyo sky, he said he was very moved and felt great strength and power come from the statue. A transcript of Yoshiyuki Tomino’s speech to the Foreign Correspondence Club of Japan will be released next week.

The Feel-G event is the Gundam Big Expo, which will be held at Odaiba from August 21st to the 23rd, where reportedly, the screening of Ring of Gundam, will be held. The film is credited to Yoshiyuki and it was reported by Bandai President and CEO, Kazunori Ueno, that a film was going to be produced specifically for this event. The Gundam Big Expo homepage,, features a list of screenings at the event, special guests, collectables sold at the convention, some available for the first time, information about the new series, Gundam Unicorn and much more.

The final segment, Soul-G, will be a Gundam commemorative live concert, the exact date not yet released, but it will be held sometime during the current year. The overall theme of this Gundam event is, “Always Beginning.”

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  1. alright!!! now all that is need to be done is how to make it move like a real gundam and make weapons for it..!! YEAH!!

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