Let’s Do Something Unusual

Posted By EthaNox On December 31, 2011

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Let’s do something unusual

And by that I mean “Let’s talk about dating!” At this point you might very well be asking yourself “what the hell does this have to do with anime?” and I understand that. At this point the site has been more about the general bits and pieces that surround anime than anime itself. But trust me when I say there’s a reason for this.

How would you like to get a fellow otaku as a partner?

Pretty much any sane person would agree that sharing common interests with your significant other can be a big boom for your relationship. Every good couple has something in common that goes beyond “I like that too,” it could be that they like gaming or working out together but the point is that doing stuff with each other makes a couple grow fonder. So why not add “watching anime” or “reading manga “ to that list?

The fact is that anime and manga are now pretty much mainstream, like we have said before, so it’s pretty reasonable and common to stumble upon a member of the opposite gender who is into one of these hobbies. But let’s say you haven’t and that you are now looking to find said person, what could you do?

It depends on your age

It might very well be a stereotype, but most otakus are naturally shy. Many are afraid of showing off their true colors as it might make them look “childish” or “nerdy” (even though that last word doesn’t really apply). But the truth is that anime has become so wide-spread that you would be hard pressed to find someone who hasn’t watched a single show. It’s at this point that your age becomes important.

Being in high school means that there are plenty of clubs for you to join that might share common interests. Sure, some high schools can be hell-holes rid with social inadequacy, but if you look hard enough you are bound to find someone to break the ice with. It’s never bad to try, as long as you set your aim on a realistic target.

Now let’s say you are in college. You would think that college is filled with stuck up people (and it is), but the truth is that being a geek is easier here than it ever has been before. You can try the clubs or just show up to a party wearing a shirt from a classic anime you enjoyed, this could be a simple way to get a conversation started. (WARNING: A shirt is no substitute for charm and it might get you a few weird looks if it happens to be tacky or bad, so choose wisely).

But what about cons?

Cons seem like a great place to meet up with fellow otakus, but there are a few ground rules to consider as far as girls go:
1. If you are going for an attractive girl cosplaying chances are that she is so used to people trying for her at cons that she has developed a technique to turn down suitors.

2. If you see a girl cosplaying in a somewhat skimpy outfit then avoid it at all costs. She might very well be there with her ever watchful partner or might be there to boost her ego. This is ultimately your call.

3. Girls in cosplay are not pieces of meat! So be a gentleman and don’t ogle them too much, try to start a conversation and see where it goes. Remember to keep in mind the other two points.

If you are a girl looking for a guy then it’s even easier, there are barely any rules for that kind of interaction. Simply be nice, charming and try to pick out something that shows what the target of your affections likes; cons are the best place for that as costumes, badges and shirts bearing the image of a given anime are a common occurrence and take a lot of guessing out of the equation.

Another thing to consider is to try and go to small local cons. There’s a big chance that you might find people from your area there, making it so that dating is not an issue if you two hit it off. Besides, it’s always good to get acquainted with your local anime scene.

Didn’t get any luck at the convention floor? Well then talk to the vendors, if they are your age and seem nice you can get a great friendship started and who knows what could happen afterwards? Besides, it’s a way to secure a steady source for anime goodies.

Be nice

Being yourself pays off so try and keep that in mind when you head out, sometimes trying to hard will only serve to set you up towards a big failure so try and always be courteous, keep the charm flowing and don’t be a phony jackass.

Who knows? Maybe things will go well and you’ll find yourself kissing on next year’s New Year’s Eve with a fellow otaku! Good luck and happy hunting.

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