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News:The Trailer for Dawn of the Seeker is out

We ran a similar article a while ago, but keep in mind it was more about the teaser and the reactions it gathered as opposed to an actual piece on the trailer itself. Well, the actual honest to God trailer is finally out and fans have made themselves heard!


So about the Rurouni Kenshin Movie…

The live-action adaptation of this classic known to many as “Samurai X” has been doing the rounds online. From mere cast and script description to actual photos and even a teases trailer to go with it all, but how is it coming up?


News: The secret world of Arrietty

Greetings, folks! We are just dropping by today to let you know that the English dub trailer for “The secret world of Arrietty” made its way onto Youtube a while ago. The American release is nigh, people!


News: It’s time to talk about Redline

No, not the craptastic movie by Daniel Sadek released in 2007. We are here to tell you about the anime, or have you forgotten that we are an anime site? This film is going to be hitting theatres in the US and neighbouring Canada pretty soon, so you ought to keep an eye out if you are interested in high production values, fast cars and stylish adrenaline-pumping anime!


A quick reminder…Fate/Zero

We would like to remind our readers that the clock is ticking before Fate/Zero’s arrival in Japanese airwaves, which means that we can begin enjoying it by next year once it has been localized. Although, those of you who are impatient can get it just as easily as soon as a subbing team gets to work on it.


News: They Could Use a Hand

Greetings folks, we hope you’ve been having a good couple of weeks so far. Today we are going to bring your attention to a topic that we may have seemingly avoided: earthquake relief. Being an anime site means we should have reported on this one way or another, whether it was because of its impact on the industry or out of solidarity to Japan. So today we do our part.


News: Haruhi has a Surprise for you

Those of you who happen to be Haruhi fans and avid readers can safely say you got a nice Christmas present today seeing how the The Surprise of Haruhi Suzumiya has been officially announced. The light novel is set to debut in two volumes and have a wider release than the norm encompassing around 13 countries.

Haruhi Cover

News: The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya Doesn’t Disappear off the Charts

The Blu-ray and DVD versions of the film, “The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya,” have gone to a great reception, ranking highly in the Oricon charts. The film was highly expected by fans and how so! The DVD and Blu-Ray ranking speak great lengths of the film’s success.

Volume I Cover

News: Fate/Zero Anime Announced

This is probably the biggest piece of news I’ve written and I love the hell out…wait my personal opinion is not supposed to go in here now is it? Oh well. The February issue of Kadokawa’s Young Ace magazine has revealed an anime adaptation of the light novel series, “Fate/Zero,” has been confirmed.


News: Tokyo Youth Ordinance Passes

And now we bring you the thrilling conclusion of the “Youth Ordinance Bill” vote…it passed. So hey, read on for what little news it is, since we all knew it was coming since last Friday.

Fuck Anime

News: Well, it’s Official…

We may be a little out of the loop here due to our head (note: only) writer being off for a day, but boy do we have news for you. Bad news too. Well, at least in the long run. Tokyo’s Youth Ordinance Bill, also known as that anti-anime law, has been approved as of yesterday…but what does this mean for us?


News: Tokyo Anime Fair May be in for Trouble

Trouble has been brewing in the land of the rising sun for a bit now due to the anime industry coming to a clash with the government. Things just got a little more serious. Ten publishers have decided to boycott the Tokyo Anime Fair in direct response to the Tokyo government’s aggression towards them. This extreme measure was first taken by Kadokawa and others have now followed suit.

Haruhi OST

News: Composer Satoru Kousaki Taking a Break over Health Issues

The man behind the musical score of such titles as The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya has reported that he’ll be on an indefinite break due to health issues; this information comes by way of his mixi profile.


News: Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Rakes in the Dough

The first release of the Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha The MOVIE 1st (a proud member of the ‘long and somewhat confusing title club’) has managed to pull some really good numbers on its first two weeks out in the market, conquering the number one spot twice in a row.


News: Back Into Action!

We are truly sorry for the week long hiatus but we are now back and ready to bring you a set of news from the past week. We have an article quota to fill and we’ll more than gladly do that for you, our beloved fans (all three of you)! So sit tight and enjoy this week’s ” highlights” (otherwise known as the articles we should have put up).


News: And Now for Something Completely Different

We’ll tell you right now that this week hasn’t been “big” so far, but that’s no reason to stop reporting at all. We hereby bring you little news-worthy announcement and a bit of commentary that’s sure to interest more than just one of you (out of our like three readers.)


News: Gantz’s Live Action Film to Open in the US Next Year

Fans of Gantz can rejoice as the Washington Post has given confirmation that we are bound to see the English dubbed film adaptation. The Japanese film is will no longer restricted to shady websites and crappy subtitles as of January 20, 2011; it will come to theaters near you (or well, far away from you depending on where you read us from).


News: Hey, turns out K-ON! is massively popular!

K-ON! Has s managed to sell over 500,000 DVD’s and BD’s in a shocking turn of events that no one could ever foresee. All sarcasm aside, though. K-ON! Has made it big and fans showed their love by propelling the show’s sales high into the stratosphere, we all know the show was big but now we can begin to grasp just how much.


News: Ghost in the Shell and One Piece to get 3D animated films

Those of you way deep into the 3D gimmick who also happen to like anime can get really happy, seeing how Ghost in the Shell and One Piece are jumping into cinema’s latest bandwagon!. The two films are admittedly different and cater to different audiences, yet both of them have been announced close to each other and even in the same month.

summer wars

News: Theatrical Dates for Summer Wars!

Fan of Summer Wars? The dates and places have recently been announced at Anime USA and the dates start as soon as the beginning of December and go all the way to the beginning of February. So continue on to find the city nearest to you!


News: We got some catching up to do!

AnimeMB experienced some down time due to our writer’s internet being off for the weekend, but we are back baby! Today’s article has some little bits and pieces to keep you up to date on the Anime world’s latest developments., plus a little extra for the site’s fans! (we know you are there).


News: Valkyria Chronicles III Set for an Anime Adaptation

Sega’s upcoming PSP game “Valkyria Chronicles 3: Unrecorded Chronicles” is due for an anime adaptation. The game itself has been dated for a Japanese release date of January 27, 2011; the anime should come around a bit later in spring. The project will be in the form of two OAV’s by the name of “Senjō no Valkyria 3 “Ta ga Tame no Jūsō”


News: China to Produce Original Shonen

A new shonen anime by the name of Kuiba is soon to hit the international market. China may not be well known for its original anime, but this could prove to be an exception. The title in question is set to be produced exclusively for the international market (being the first Chinese anime to be distributed in Japan). The anime is to be distributed in late 2011, as of now let’s take a look at what we have.


News: Strike Witches Bound for a Movie Adaptation

This one of those articles so short and scarce in detail that we can pretty much encapsulate it in the excerpt since it’s too short. So we are forced to
shamelessly stuff it like an insecure girl’s bra before prom. The title says it all, Strike Witches is going to get a movie!

A channel

News: “A channel” to Receive Anime Adaptation

Bb Kuroda’s manga “A channel” is now headed towards the small screen in yet another round of the anime industry’s life cycle. The short four panel manga will be brought to life through an anime adaption. Confirmation and additional details are set to appear on the December issue of Houbunsha’s Manga Time Kirara Carat magazine.

Appleseed XIII

News: Additional Information for Appleseed XIII

The Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFFCOM from now on) served as the stage for Micott & Basara to reveal new information on Appleseed’s upcoming anime incarnation. The anime will be presented in 13 direct to video episodes, each being 22 minutes long, that will later be compiled in two feature films.


News: Appleseed to Receive New Adaptation

Manga Masamune Shirow’s classic manga “Appleseed” is bound to receive a new anime adaptation. Followers of the manga or fans of CGI anime may already know that there’s a pair of movie adaptations, which will have in the continuity of the new project. Appleseed’s newest incarnation is to take the form of a 13 episode-strong anime.

Maria Holic

News: Maria Holic Anime to Receive a Second Season

Good news, everyone! Well, everyone who likes Maria Holic, that is. The second season of the anime has been confirmed by way of an announcement at the end of the manga’s seventh volume. The project will be helmed by director Akiyuki Shinbo and animated by studio SHAFT, so fans can rest at ease knowing the first season’s staff will not only be on call, it will be the actual staff for this one.


News: Sket Dance to Receive Anime Adaptation

In a somewhat refreshing change of pace this week, we bring you news of yet another manga soon to make the rounds as an anime adaptation. Many may have raised an eyebrow (our apologies to those with a unibrow) at the title since it’s not something you would be likely to stumble upon if you are a “mainstream” reader, but let’s take a look shall we?


News: Fate/Stay Night Rocks The Sales Chart

Fate/Stay Night’s Unlimited Bladeworks has reached the top of the Oricon ranks. Selling over 44,000 copies and taking the number one spot, the film has been a roaring success as its sales figure indicates. Western fans with “morals” (or those that can’t find a decent torrent) can only hope that this leads to a sooner than later localization deal.

Love Ru Darkness

News: To Love-Ru’s Spinoff

To Love-Ru’s new spinoff title launched last week in Japan. Fans of the “old” version may want to pick this one up quickly since it’s basically the same with a huge overhaul in the fan service department. Wait what? That’s right, a manga as full of erotic fan service as To Love-Ru still has a ways to go. The newest rendition shows just how.


News: Berserk To Come Back To Anime

Good news everyone! A new anime adaptation of Kentaro Miura’s master piece “Berserk” has been announced on the newest release of the manga. Details are scarce and barely even there, but its news nonetheless, and we are here to report them to our faithful readers. So jump on it.


News: Strike Witches’ Bought Off…By A Pachinko Company

Well, looks like we jinxed something somehow with our last Strike Witches related piece of news. The studio responsible for bring the anime into the world “Anime International Company” (AIC) has been bought by Oizumi Corporation, a pachinko company. If you think this is a mere tie in for advertisement then read on, because it might be more than just that.

Strike Witches

News: Strike Witches Wraps It Up

Strike Witches’ second season has come to a close. Loyal fans of cutesy girl on girl interaction and excessive fan-service would do well to take one good look at the show one last time. At least until it shows up on DVD or Blu-ray and you can get your hands on it legally (we are not saying there are other means, though.)

Iron Man

News: Iron Man Anime Coming Soon!

It was almost a year ago when we first caught wind of Japan’s take on Marvel’s Iron Man, a superhero known by many especially now that the movies were such a big hit. Sadly, this won’t be a super-sentai kinda deal, just an anime, but can you really complain about that? I very much doubt it.

It's over

News: K-ON! Is Now Officially Over

The end has finally come for Kyoto Animation’s smash hit “K-ON!” The final episode comes with tears from sweet little Azunyan as well as those from many a fan. Those who keep up with the show (and the site) will know that the show’s ending has been coming for a while, it just knocked on our doors.


News: Capcom Announces “Resident Evil: Damnation”

Fans of the Resident Evil game series are sure to have enjoyed the last CGI installment. The reason for that being that it didn’t butcher the games as badly as the live-action films. Those left craving for more “decent” or even “good” Resident Evil movies are in luck. A sequel to the amazing (by comparison to the other films) “Resident Evil: Degeneration” has been green-lit.


News: Capcom Begins Streaming “Samurai Dead Rising”

Chances are that readers of our site have a great deal of love for samurais and zombies. If this applies to you then you are in for a treat! Capcom has done some extensive promotion work for its new Dead Rising game and has brought forward a new kind of advertisement in the form of animated shorts now streaming on their Youtube channel.


News: Spice and Wolf’s Light Novel Begins Its Final Story Arc

Fans of Spice and Wolf will be delighted (or saddened) to know that the 15th volume of the light novel series, to be released this week in Japan, will open the final story arc. The volume in question will not be the final part of the story, though. It will merely the beginning of the end. Read on for more info on this series.


News: Highschool Of The Dead Manga Bundle

The wildly popular and successful manga by Daisuke Satō and Shoji Sato will be coming back in its seventh volume next year. Those lucky enough to have a shot at importing or buying it directly inside of Japan will do well in knowing that there’s a special edition that will be available through pre-orders only. Follow after the jump for details.


Anime News: Sneak Preview Of K-ON!’s Ending

Followers of our site may recall that we mentioned the ending of “K-ON!” was planned to happen in September. Well, now we have confirmation by way of the inner workings of 2chan’s rumor mill. Fans of the show or the Manga would do well in knowing that spoilers are ahead and should simply skip this article (or avoid looking at the thumbnail) if they wish to be surprised by the time of its official release.


News: Gundam 00 Coming To New York This October

Gundam and Mecha fans in generals can now look forward to the New York Anime Festival even more, for it’ll bring the premiere of the film “Mobile Suit Gundam 00 The Movie: A Wakening of the Trailblazer” on October 10th. The film will be in Japanese with English subtitles and will serve as a sequel to the Television Anime of the same name (save everything after “The Movie” in the title, but that’s obvious.)

Winter Days

News: Kihachiro Kawamoto Confirmed Dead At 85

The anime world has been hit hard by the reaper who saw fit to remove three legendary gentlemen from this world in a matter of a few days. Some say the great ones go in pairs but that may not be true this time around.

News: Shojuro Yamauchi Passes Away

News: Shojuro Yamauchi Passes Away

So far, this week seems like a bad one for the anime world with the passing of Satoshi Kon and now the confirmation of Shojuro Yamauchi’s passing. The information comes to us by way of Akitaro Daichi’s twitter account, where he mentioned that a legendary animator had passed on alongside Satoshi Kon.

News: Satoshi Kon Dead At 47

News: Satoshi Kon Dead At 47

Award winning director Satoshi Kon has been reported dead by way of a statement released via Otakorp’s Board of Directors and confirmed by Masao Maruyama, co-founder of Madhouse, who had written on his twitter about the death of one the studio’s Directors without clarifying as to which. He later confirmed that the sudden departure was that of none other than Satoshi Kon.

News: Love Hina Returns

News: Love Hina Returns

There seems to be a recent surge in manga coming back from the grave. Ken Akamatsu’s Love Hina will not be one to miss out on the newest trend and so it will be back, although briefly, it will be a one-shot special in full color to celebrate the 300th of Akamatsu’s other work (Negima!) The special volume will be released within the pages of the 40th Kodansha’s Weekly Shonen Magazine.

Anime News: James Cameron’s Interest In Battle Angel Alita

Anime News: James Cameron’s Interest In Battle Angel Alita

Blockbuster Director James Cameron spoke to the movie website “Coming Soon” in an interview, where he revealed his interest in pursuing a live action adaptation of the popular classic “Battle Angel Alita”, whether or not this is good news is subjective to most, but stay after the jump for more.

Anime News: Hatsune Miku’s New Manga

Anime News: Hatsune Miku’s New Manga

The virtual Idol and Vocaloid superstar Hatsune Miku will now be gracing the pages of Weekly Young Jump. Her most recent incursion into manga-land will take up four panels a week to bring her fans a bit of joy with each edition of the magazine. Starting on September 2, Kentarō Hayashi will begin his work on this particular release.

Anime News: Deadman Wonderland Coming 2011

Anime News: Deadman Wonderland Coming 2011

It’s been a year since word first got out on the street of this anime adaptation, but it has been nothing but awkward silence ever since, at least until now. An announcement has been made as of yesterday, reporting next year as the title’s tentative release date, so read on for the details.

Anime News: Second Macross Movie Dated

Anime News: Second Macross Movie Dated

The past two days have brought forth interesting (if not somewhat disappointing) revelations. Fans of the Macross saga can now look forward to a somewhat definitive release date for the new film, as well as some goodies to tag along with it.

Ghibli’s Tales From Earthsea: Anime Movie Review

Ghibli’s Tales From Earthsea: Anime Movie Review

Those of you with nothing better to do this summer should go now in search for a newspaper because Ghibli’s Earthsea hit theatres this Friday, and so far it’s going strong. Read on for a list of theatres in case you feel like catching it yourself, and a short review for those who feel like getting the DVD and checking it out.

K-ON: The End Is Near

K-ON: The End Is Near

This one comes out straight from the rumor mill; both the manga and anime are to reach a conclusion soon. The announcement came out of the blue and little more than the words printed on it are known to us. What it’s clear is that this can’t remain in mystery for long.

New Full Metal Alchemist Side-Story

New Full Metal Alchemist Side-Story

Those of you following the manga to its conclusion have a new reason to be cautiously excited; a new side story coming to us from Shonen Gangan is set to bring some new life into the title. The side story will be helmed by Hiromu Arakawa, the man behind the original. Read on for the known details.

To Love-Ru To Be Rebooted

To Love-Ru To Be Rebooted

It wasn’t too long ago that a new anime take on the title was announced and now it seems that the manga is to be brought back in the form of a new edition. The title is to be considered a spin-off, whether or not this will bring mayor changes to the plot is unknown. Read on for the known facts.

Bakemonogatari Prequel In The Works

Bakemonogatari Prequel In The Works

As much as this anime has yet to grace the western shores of the world in an official manner, it would be a pretty big oversight on our part not to report of this new project by SHAFT. It’s safe to assume that our readers also follow Bakemonogatari…this being the era of the internet and all. So stay tuned for news on a different side of the story.

One Manga To Close

One Manga To Close

For those that are without the means or possibility to get their hands on paperback manga, one popular free scanlated manga provider “One Manga” is sadly coming to an end. So, we bring to you the details of the bad news in case you hadn’t planned on paying your respects yet.

Evangelion Unit 01 Bust Opening Soon

Evangelion Unit 01 Bust Opening Soon

On account of this week being somewhat slow anime news wise, we present to you yet another mecha related extravaganza! Evangelion is not to be outdone when it comes to mecha. So prepare to behold a purple behemoth and stare deep into the eyes of the beast.

More To Love-Ru News

More To Love-Ru News

Those of you that keep up with the site will remember the announcement made to report on To Love-Ru’s new anime incarnation. You will also remember that the announcement was sketchy enough as to not clarify what form the animation would take. Read on for that.

New Super Robot Wars Anime “Announced”

New Super Robot Wars Anime “Announced”

Here’s some good news coming from the anime world’s rumor mill: prepare yourselves for some flashy big robot action in the nearby future! Super Robot Wars is getting another anime adaptation, read on to get in on the scoop.

It’s Back! (and this time it means business)

It’s Back! (and this time it means business)

Remember how we nodded towards our mechanical friend in the paper craft article? Well, he can now nod at you! He’s back in top shape (movable head and all) and casting a shadow in the city of Shizuoka.
It’s A Gundam!

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