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Happy New Year!

Well dear readers, it’s yet again time to say goodbye to another year! Whether you like to sit at home and ignore the fact that we have an arbitrary celebration based around our planet’s orbital period, or going out to pain the town in a blur of drunken rage we would like to say the same thing to you.


Let’s Do Something Unusual

And by that I mean “Let’s talk about dating!” At this point you might very well be asking yourself “what the hell does this have to do with anime?” and I understand that. At this point the site has been more about the general bits and pieces that surround anime than anime itself. But trust me when I say there’s a reason for this.


News:The Trailer for Dawn of the Seeker is out

We ran a similar article a while ago, but keep in mind it was more about the teaser and the reactions it gathered as opposed to an actual piece on the trailer itself. Well, the actual honest to God trailer is finally out and fans have made themselves heard!


So, Capcom is totally opening a bar

We know that this isn’t strictly anime-related (hell, is it even related in a tangible manner?) but gaming and anime overlap so well that it’s not unusual to see the two go hand in hand to make a perfect match, so here it is.


So about the Rurouni Kenshin Movie…

The live-action adaptation of this classic known to many as “Samurai X” has been doing the rounds online. From mere cast and script description to actual photos and even a teases trailer to go with it all, but how is it coming up?


Happy non-denominational holiday!

Here at AnimeMB we would like to thank you for your continued (if not scarce) support and attention, so on these great and joyful holidays we have come up to say that it’s all thanks to you that we can say “Merry Christmas!” for yet another year!


News: New teaser of “Dragon Age: Dawn of the Seeker”

You can view the original trailer on our facebook page here. The new trailer has been out for a couple of days and it already seems to be getting some hate on youtube, but does it really deserve it?


Subs Vs Dubs Part III: The final verdict!

Well, it’s time to round up this pet-project trilogy and there is no better way to do so other than with a simple and short article that goes straight to the matter at hand? Which one is better?


Subs Vs Dubs Part II

Well, we already dealt with one part of the equation and we are gonna give the same treatment to this next bit. Hope you are ready to read and dive into a new opinion article on our new series! Keep in mind that the conclusion is soon to come.


Subs Vs Dubs Part I

We hinted at this article on the Facebook page a while ago, but it seems no one cares or that our fans are a bit to shy. But here you go, oh loyal readers, it’s now time to decide which one is the better choice. Today we take a swing at subs.


News: The secret world of Arrietty

Greetings, folks! We are just dropping by today to let you know that the English dub trailer for “The secret world of Arrietty” made its way onto Youtube a while ago. The American release is nigh, people!


Retrospective: How about Digimon?

This is the one show that people always bring up when someone speaks about Pokemon, so why don’t we make a piece on it for nostalgia’s sake? Today won’t be much different from the article we had yesterday. The only major difference is perhaps the show we speak of and the way we do it.


Do you remember Pokemon?

Do you really REMEMBER Pokemon? I certainly do, and not just because it’s still going strong. No, I remember it because it captivated me as a young teen and gave me some of the best games of my youth. But above all else, I remember the anime.


Anime Review: Claymore

We’ll start off today with a review of Claymore, a title that I could have sworn to have reviewed already but that seems to be missing from the site entirely. What better way to fix that than making a shiny new review cycle for both the anime and manga?


On our review standards

Howdy folks, today I would like to take a chance to run something by you in a quick and rather simple article. An article which will be rather short and to the point, one that will summarize everything you could need to know about the way we like to work around here.


Manga Review: Claymore

We reviewed the anime so let’s hop onto the manga now, shall we? This article will also serve to point out some of the key differences between the two mediums on which the story has been represented. Think of this second and last article as a way to give you a more rounded choice on what to do if you decide to follow up on Claymore.


Manga Review: Coppelion

Let’s hop on to a manga that I came across with during a lazy browsing session, shall we? This title has an anime adaptation on its way this month, one that I won’t be bothering much with because of a simple reason.


On Gaming

Tonight we would like to post a fun little blurb. Sure, there are some news worth reporting but our site hits took a mighty dive when we begun dedicating ourselves to news and that’s something we would rather avoid for the time being. So let’s go and talk about videogames for a bit shall we?


Manga Review: Highschool of the Dead

Hey there folks, there are some good things coming our way in the next few months (like a whole new year of anime and manga) but I would love to take this chance and do a quick review of a title I followed closely for a while. I say for a while because I pretty much forgot it existed until today.


News: It’s time to talk about Redline

No, not the craptastic movie by Daniel Sadek released in 2007. We are here to tell you about the anime, or have you forgotten that we are an anime site? This film is going to be hitting theatres in the US and neighbouring Canada pretty soon, so you ought to keep an eye out if you are interested in high production values, fast cars and stylish adrenaline-pumping anime!


The Flip-Side

Well folks, I’m going to admit that I haven’t been in touch with anime as of late, at least not to the extent I used to be. It probably has to do with the long list of complaints I’ve built against the medium (anime, that is), a list that I can promise you will only grow in size as time goes by.


A quick reminder…Fate/Zero

We would like to remind our readers that the clock is ticking before Fate/Zero’s arrival in Japanese airwaves, which means that we can begin enjoying it by next year once it has been localized. Although, those of you who are impatient can get it just as easily as soon as a subbing team gets to work on it.


Lets talk about relationships!

Anime relationships, that is. So we are sorry to disappoint those who thought we had gotten desperate enough to become a romance blog, but know that in a way we are going to delve into the subject of romance, relationships and the fact that many (to the point where we dare say most) titles seem to never bother to have any sort of resolution to romantic relationships.


And we’re back!

Greetings fellow readers and welcome to the newest cycle of news and reviews for AnimeMB! We are happy to say that we are going to be resuming our weekly article schedule for your reading pleasure. Now that the introduction has been put aside, we would like to present today’s article; a perfect representation of our columnist’s opinions and a way for you to catch up with the way things go around here.


Anime Review: Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works

Fate/Stay Night is kind of a big deal around here and most of the internet. It’s one of those licenses that stand out with original characters, plots and ideas that are wild enough to workm and show the world that anime goes a step beyond. This movie was a part of that, and yet…


News: They Could Use a Hand

Greetings folks, we hope you’ve been having a good couple of weeks so far. Today we are going to bring your attention to a topic that we may have seemingly avoided: earthquake relief. Being an anime site means we should have reported on this one way or another, whether it was because of its impact on the industry or out of solidarity to Japan. So today we do our part.


AnimeMB Presents: On Otakus

Well, here we have the final piece of our opinion cycle. We are aware that there may be a lot more of interesting articles to read around the web this week, maybe even today, but why don’t you stop that mouse hand and just read a bit here, huh? Today we have an article about you, the modern otaku. Read on, dear fans, read on…


AnimeMB Presents: The current state of anime

Here’s our second entry in our latest series of opinions, one that will strike a chord with more than one of you. What happened to anime? Keep in mind that the words typed in this here article do not necessarily reflect the opinions of AnimeMB. However, they do reflect those of our one and only writer, so read on if you want to know what he thinks!


AnimeMB Presents: On Piracy

Today we present you with a topic that is sure to spark a flame. If not on your mind then on our forums (oh boy would that be great). Piracy is a touchy issue on the internet, especially around anime boards and communities, but why? That is what we are in here or today!


AnimeMB Presents: On our articles

Hey! It’s been a while since we stopped to address you, dear reader. Let us correct that grave oversight with a simple, community oriented article. We want to tell you why we write what we write, but more importantly ask you if you like it or not. Watch as this article gets hardly any views in a cruel twist of fate!

Akira Final

Anime Vs Manga Review: Akira

And here we bring you the closing entry of our review cycle, whether you read it or not. Was there any reason to dedicate three articles to Akira while other titles got a single one? Yes, not only because it’ll be soon subjected to the horrors of a Hollywood adaptation, but also because many other titles would not exist without its influence. Besides, it’s really worth your time to get to know it and for that we welcome you to our third entry!

Akira Manga

Manga Review: Akira

We hope you guys (by that we mean our two readers) enjoyed our review of the Anime, so here we bring you part two! This review will cut right to the chase, seeing how we made a summary of the general plot of the story in the last. The comparisons will be saved for the final entry of our short series in honor of this classic.


Anime Review: Akira

Today’s review comes in honor of the soon to be bastardized by Hollywood classic, Akira. This title isn’t exactly “PG” (if anything it’s entirely away from it) but it’s still worthy of a review. Not only because it’s a great seminal title that blew many minds away, but also due to the fact that you’ll be forced to adding “Anime” to any search queries as to avoid the adaptation.


Anime Vs Manga Review: Bokurano

Some titles make a seamless transition from one medium to the other, but as we mentioned before on our article, “Anime and Manga: A Broken Link,” this doesn’t happen very often. Bokurano (also known as “Bokurano: Ours”) is sadly one of those titles where something was lost in translation; not something huge, but you can still feel the lingering sensation that something is off.


Review: Cowboy Bebop

You probably heard of this one before, but have you seen it? If not, then shame on you! This is easily one of the greatest anime titles ever made, and we say that without much hype. See, this title wasn’t a “niche” kind of anime; it could be seen by anyone who had a taste for action, drama and the noir genre. It appealed to a great target audience that went beyond anime, so prepare to read a bit and watch much more, because you’ll HAVE to watch this someday.

Sakura Card Captors

Review: Cardcaptor Sakura

Today’s review can be considered as a means of apology for our recent lack of activity. We hope you enjoy one of the most popular animes from the 90’s, and strangely enough, a favorite of mine. Read on and find out if you would be suited to the charming and engaging world of Cardcaptor Sakura!


Reviews: Gunslinger Girl

Today we bring you a quiet, refined, and moderately action-y anime for your consideration. This show isn’t really that old since it ran from October 8, 2003, to February 19, 2004, yet many would be inclined to call it “a classic.” Fans of drama, intrigue, and semi-realism will be in for an interesting combination.


Review: Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt

Here at AnimeMB we have a silent rule, “keep it family friendly.” Today, we give that rule a run for its money as we jump into a review for the one of the most offensive and obscene anime of the last decade, all while keeping it classy of course.

Wish you were her

Review: Evangelion 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance

Well it certainly has been a long while since our last article and we apologize for that. Our one (and only) writer caught a bad case of Chickenpox and that “kiddie” illness sure beats the crap out of adults. So as a means to apologize to you all and jump back on track we are giving you a review of Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance, now available in theatres!


Anime Review: Hellsing

Are you tired by the modern vampire archetype? Do you miss the days when vampires were creatures of the night that preyed on human blood and displayed supernatural powers? Well, odds are you already know of this title if you happen to be in that crowd, but there’s no reason not to go back to Alucard’s violent and stylish take on vampirism.

Dai Gurren Dan

Tell Us About Your Favorites

Here at AnimeMB we are still coming down from the holiday craze. So instead of giving you a rather bland set of news (nothing really interesting has happened) we have decided to let you speak up. What are your favorite titles and why? What makes anime really good for you? We want to know, so just jump ahead to the forums and tell us!


AnimeMB Presents: Samshel’s List of Over-rated Crap

The year is coming to a close and so we have decided to present to you a, “Decade List,” allowing us to break away from the tedium of reporting news that garner three or so comments in hopes of striking an interesting conversation. Be warned this list is highly biased as it comes straight out of my personal opinion, both as a writer and an otaku.

AnimeMB Presents: Samshel’s List of Over-rated Crap

AnimeMB Presents: Samshel’s List of Over-rated Crap

The year is coming to a close and so we have decided to present to you a “Decade List,” allowing us to break away from the tedium of reporting news that garner three or so comments in hopes of striking an interesting conversation. Be warned that this list is highly biased as it comes straight out of my personal opinion, both as a writer and an otaku.

Assemble Borg

Back from the Holidays!

Greetings our loyal readers! We hope that you had a wonderful holiday. We are here to bring you some good news as we are still full of the season’s spirit. Read on if you are a fan of action figures and mechas or if you happen to know someone like that and just forgot to buy them something!


News: Haruhi has a Surprise for you

Those of you who happen to be Haruhi fans and avid readers can safely say you got a nice Christmas present today seeing how the The Surprise of Haruhi Suzumiya has been officially announced. The light novel is set to debut in two volumes and have a wider release than the norm encompassing around 13 countries.

Haruhi Cover

News: The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya Doesn’t Disappear off the Charts

The Blu-ray and DVD versions of the film, “The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya,” have gone to a great reception, ranking highly in the Oricon charts. The film was highly expected by fans and how so! The DVD and Blu-Ray ranking speak great lengths of the film’s success.

Volume I Cover

News: Fate/Zero Anime Announced

This is probably the biggest piece of news I’ve written and I love the hell out…wait my personal opinion is not supposed to go in here now is it? Oh well. The February issue of Kadokawa’s Young Ace magazine has revealed an anime adaptation of the light novel series, “Fate/Zero,” has been confirmed.


News: Tokyo Youth Ordinance Passes

And now we bring you the thrilling conclusion of the “Youth Ordinance Bill” vote…it passed. So hey, read on for what little news it is, since we all knew it was coming since last Friday.

Fuck Anime

News: Well, it’s Official…

We may be a little out of the loop here due to our head (note: only) writer being off for a day, but boy do we have news for you. Bad news too. Well, at least in the long run. Tokyo’s Youth Ordinance Bill, also known as that anti-anime law, has been approved as of yesterday…but what does this mean for us?


News: Tokyo Anime Fair May be in for Trouble

Trouble has been brewing in the land of the rising sun for a bit now due to the anime industry coming to a clash with the government. Things just got a little more serious. Ten publishers have decided to boycott the Tokyo Anime Fair in direct response to the Tokyo government’s aggression towards them. This extreme measure was first taken by Kadokawa and others have now followed suit.

Haruhi OST

News: Composer Satoru Kousaki Taking a Break over Health Issues

The man behind the musical score of such titles as The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya has reported that he’ll be on an indefinite break due to health issues; this information comes by way of his mixi profile.


News: Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Rakes in the Dough

The first release of the Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha The MOVIE 1st (a proud member of the ‘long and somewhat confusing title club’) has managed to pull some really good numbers on its first two weeks out in the market, conquering the number one spot twice in a row.


News: Back Into Action!

We are truly sorry for the week long hiatus but we are now back and ready to bring you a set of news from the past week. We have an article quota to fill and we’ll more than gladly do that for you, our beloved fans (all three of you)! So sit tight and enjoy this week’s ” highlights” (otherwise known as the articles we should have put up).


News: And Now for Something Completely Different

We’ll tell you right now that this week hasn’t been “big” so far, but that’s no reason to stop reporting at all. We hereby bring you little news-worthy announcement and a bit of commentary that’s sure to interest more than just one of you (out of our like three readers.)


News: Gantz’s Live Action Film to Open in the US Next Year

Fans of Gantz can rejoice as the Washington Post has given confirmation that we are bound to see the English dubbed film adaptation. The Japanese film is will no longer restricted to shady websites and crappy subtitles as of January 20, 2011; it will come to theaters near you (or well, far away from you depending on where you read us from).


News: Hey, turns out K-ON! is massively popular!

K-ON! Has s managed to sell over 500,000 DVD’s and BD’s in a shocking turn of events that no one could ever foresee. All sarcasm aside, though. K-ON! Has made it big and fans showed their love by propelling the show’s sales high into the stratosphere, we all know the show was big but now we can begin to grasp just how much.


News: Ghost in the Shell and One Piece to get 3D animated films

Those of you way deep into the 3D gimmick who also happen to like anime can get really happy, seeing how Ghost in the Shell and One Piece are jumping into cinema’s latest bandwagon!. The two films are admittedly different and cater to different audiences, yet both of them have been announced close to each other and even in the same month.

summer wars

News: Theatrical Dates for Summer Wars!

Fan of Summer Wars? The dates and places have recently been announced at Anime USA and the dates start as soon as the beginning of December and go all the way to the beginning of February. So continue on to find the city nearest to you!


News: We got some catching up to do!

AnimeMB experienced some down time due to our writer’s internet being off for the weekend, but we are back baby! Today’s article has some little bits and pieces to keep you up to date on the Anime world’s latest developments., plus a little extra for the site’s fans! (we know you are there).


News: Valkyria Chronicles III Set for an Anime Adaptation

Sega’s upcoming PSP game “Valkyria Chronicles 3: Unrecorded Chronicles” is due for an anime adaptation. The game itself has been dated for a Japanese release date of January 27, 2011; the anime should come around a bit later in spring. The project will be in the form of two OAV’s by the name of “Senjō no Valkyria 3 “Ta ga Tame no Jūsō”

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