So, Capcom is totally opening a bar

Posted By EthaNox On December 27, 2011

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So, Capcom is totally opening a bar

We know that this isn’t strictly anime-related (hell, is it even related in a tangible manner?) but gaming and anime overlap so well that it’s not unusual to see the two go hand in hand to make a perfect match, so here it is.

Drink up

Earlier this week (or late last week depending on when this goes up) it was announced that the Osaka-based videogame publisher Capcom would be opening a bar in Shinjuku. The bar will be open to the public around January 25th and will serve beverages and food items styled after many of Capcom’s various properties, which means that we have a very real possibility of seeing a “Jill Sandwich” and more likely than not a few Monster Hunter themed items (if they do the later they would be shovelling money for years).

The concept for the bar itself seems to be aimed at serving as a nice PR front for the company, as it will host public events and serve as a nice gathering place for fans of fine food, drink and games that are looking for a comfy place to find it all under a single roof.

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