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Maria Holic

News: Maria Holic Anime to Receive a Second Season

Good news, everyone! Well, everyone who likes Maria Holic, that is. The second season of the anime has been confirmed by way of an announcement at the end of the manga’s seventh volume. The project will be helmed by director Akiyuki Shinbo and animated by studio SHAFT, so fans can rest at ease knowing the first season’s staff will not only be on call, it will be the actual staff for this one.


News: Sket Dance to Receive Anime Adaptation

In a somewhat refreshing change of pace this week, we bring you news of yet another manga soon to make the rounds as an anime adaptation. Many may have raised an eyebrow (our apologies to those with a unibrow) at the title since it’s not something you would be likely to stumble upon if you are a “mainstream” reader, but let’s take a look shall we?


Anime: Living the Stereotype Part II

Here you go for page two of what could very well amount to a wild and biased opinion! Read on for the conclusion or if you just feel like taking in some of the ideas exposed on it. You’ll have to admit there’s truth to it, whether you feel like raging on the forums about or not

Fan service

Anime: Living the Stereotype Part I

A few years ago you could argue that Anime was different, that it was a more mature form of entertainment and not “a Chinese cartoon”. The old days had the classic lines of “It’s nothing but perverted misogynistic crap” or “It’s a bunch of spiky haired teenagers with super powers.” Truth be told a bit of a light could be held up towards those stereotypes, now said light has become a damn search light.


News: Fate/Stay Night Rocks The Sales Chart

Fate/Stay Night’s Unlimited Bladeworks has reached the top of the Oricon ranks. Selling over 44,000 copies and taking the number one spot, the film has been a roaring success as its sales figure indicates. Western fans with “morals” (or those that can’t find a decent torrent) can only hope that this leads to a sooner than later localization deal.

Love Ru Darkness

News: To Love-Ru’s Spinoff

To Love-Ru’s new spinoff title launched last week in Japan. Fans of the “old” version may want to pick this one up quickly since it’s basically the same with a huge overhaul in the fan service department. Wait what? That’s right, a manga as full of erotic fan service as To Love-Ru still has a ways to go. The newest rendition shows just how.


News: Berserk To Come Back To Anime

Good news everyone! A new anime adaptation of Kentaro Miura’s master piece “Berserk” has been announced on the newest release of the manga. Details are scarce and barely even there, but its news nonetheless, and we are here to report them to our faithful readers. So jump on it.


News: Strike Witches’ Bought Off…By A Pachinko Company

Well, looks like we jinxed something somehow with our last Strike Witches related piece of news. The studio responsible for bring the anime into the world “Anime International Company” (AIC) has been bought by Oizumi Corporation, a pachinko company. If you think this is a mere tie in for advertisement then read on, because it might be more than just that.

Strike Witches

News: Strike Witches Wraps It Up

Strike Witches’ second season has come to a close. Loyal fans of cutesy girl on girl interaction and excessive fan-service would do well to take one good look at the show one last time. At least until it shows up on DVD or Blu-ray and you can get your hands on it legally (we are not saying there are other means, though.)

Iron Man

News: Iron Man Anime Coming Soon!

It was almost a year ago when we first caught wind of Japan’s take on Marvel’s Iron Man, a superhero known by many especially now that the movies were such a big hit. Sadly, this won’t be a super-sentai kinda deal, just an anime, but can you really complain about that? I very much doubt it.

It's over

News: K-ON! Is Now Officially Over

The end has finally come for Kyoto Animation’s smash hit “K-ON!” The final episode comes with tears from sweet little Azunyan as well as those from many a fan. Those who keep up with the show (and the site) will know that the show’s ending has been coming for a while, it just knocked on our doors.


News: Capcom Announces “Resident Evil: Damnation”

Fans of the Resident Evil game series are sure to have enjoyed the last CGI installment. The reason for that being that it didn’t butcher the games as badly as the live-action films. Those left craving for more “decent” or even “good” Resident Evil movies are in luck. A sequel to the amazing (by comparison to the other films) “Resident Evil: Degeneration” has been green-lit.


News: Capcom Begins Streaming “Samurai Dead Rising”

Chances are that readers of our site have a great deal of love for samurais and zombies. If this applies to you then you are in for a treat! Capcom has done some extensive promotion work for its new Dead Rising game and has brought forward a new kind of advertisement in the form of animated shorts now streaming on their Youtube channel.


News: Spice and Wolf’s Light Novel Begins Its Final Story Arc

Fans of Spice and Wolf will be delighted (or saddened) to know that the 15th volume of the light novel series, to be released this week in Japan, will open the final story arc. The volume in question will not be the final part of the story, though. It will merely the beginning of the end. Read on for more info on this series.

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