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News: Gantz’s Live Action Film to Open in the US Next Year

Fans of Gantz can rejoice as the Washington Post has given confirmation that we are bound to see the English dubbed film adaptation. The Japanese film is will no longer restricted to shady websites and crappy subtitles as of January 20, 2011; it will come to theaters near you (or well, far away from you depending on where you read us from).


News: Hey, turns out K-ON! is massively popular!

K-ON! Has s managed to sell over 500,000 DVD’s and BD’s in a shocking turn of events that no one could ever foresee. All sarcasm aside, though. K-ON! Has made it big and fans showed their love by propelling the show’s sales high into the stratosphere, we all know the show was big but now we can begin to grasp just how much.


News: Ghost in the Shell and One Piece to get 3D animated films

Those of you way deep into the 3D gimmick who also happen to like anime can get really happy, seeing how Ghost in the Shell and One Piece are jumping into cinema’s latest bandwagon!. The two films are admittedly different and cater to different audiences, yet both of them have been announced close to each other and even in the same month.

summer wars

News: Theatrical Dates for Summer Wars!

Fan of Summer Wars? The dates and places have recently been announced at Anime USA and the dates start as soon as the beginning of December and go all the way to the beginning of February. So continue on to find the city nearest to you!


News: We got some catching up to do!

AnimeMB experienced some down time due to our writer’s internet being off for the weekend, but we are back baby! Today’s article has some little bits and pieces to keep you up to date on the Anime world’s latest developments., plus a little extra for the site’s fans! (we know you are there).


News: Valkyria Chronicles III Set for an Anime Adaptation

Sega’s upcoming PSP game “Valkyria Chronicles 3: Unrecorded Chronicles” is due for an anime adaptation. The game itself has been dated for a Japanese release date of January 27, 2011; the anime should come around a bit later in spring. The project will be in the form of two OAV’s by the name of “Senjō no Valkyria 3 “Ta ga Tame no Jūsō”

ACAM Graffitti

AnimeMB at D.M.C Part II

Here’s the last entry on the Con journal, hopefully reading this will get you enticed to join our Facebook group or to check out the forums. The last bit of this massive con was pretty much all about cosplay and fun little events. Read on for our take on it.

Daft Punk

News: AnimeMB Went to a Con!

Those of you that keep up with the site (we know someone does) ever since I took over should know I’m not from the US of A. I’m actually a Venezuelan, which means that as far as conventions go, I’ll be screwed. Unless my country happened to be a hot bed for Otakus and we had a sweet ass con, which totally happened.


News: China to Produce Original Shonen

A new shonen anime by the name of Kuiba is soon to hit the international market. China may not be well known for its original anime, but this could prove to be an exception. The title in question is set to be produced exclusively for the international market (being the first Chinese anime to be distributed in Japan). The anime is to be distributed in late 2011, as of now let’s take a look at what we have.

Summer Wars

News: Summer Wars Goes for Gold with Oscar Nomination

It has been confirmed that FUNIMATION is currently busy filling out forms in order to submit Mamoru Hosoda’s Summer Wars as a nominee for “Best Animated Feature”. The Academy Awards would count Summer Wars as the 14th film running to enter as a nominee, maybe that make the Oscars something worth watching this year. Read on after the jump.


News: Strike Witches Bound for a Movie Adaptation

This one of those articles so short and scarce in detail that we can pretty much encapsulate it in the excerpt since it’s too short. So we are forced to
shamelessly stuff it like an insecure girl’s bra before prom. The title says it all, Strike Witches is going to get a movie!

A channel

News: “A channel” to Receive Anime Adaptation

Bb Kuroda’s manga “A channel” is now headed towards the small screen in yet another round of the anime industry’s life cycle. The short four panel manga will be brought to life through an anime adaption. Confirmation and additional details are set to appear on the December issue of Houbunsha’s Manga Time Kirara Carat magazine.

Appleseed XIII

News: Additional Information for Appleseed XIII

The Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFFCOM from now on) served as the stage for Micott & Basara to reveal new information on Appleseed’s upcoming anime incarnation. The anime will be presented in 13 direct to video episodes, each being 22 minutes long, that will later be compiled in two feature films.


News: Appleseed to Receive New Adaptation

Manga Masamune Shirow’s classic manga “Appleseed” is bound to receive a new anime adaptation. Followers of the manga or fans of CGI anime may already know that there’s a pair of movie adaptations, which will have in the continuity of the new project. Appleseed’s newest incarnation is to take the form of a 13 episode-strong anime.

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