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On our review standards

Howdy folks, today I would like to take a chance to run something by you in a quick and rather simple article. An article which will be rather short and to the point, one that will summarize everything you could need to know about the way we like to work around here.


Manga Review: Claymore

We reviewed the anime so let’s hop onto the manga now, shall we? This article will also serve to point out some of the key differences between the two mediums on which the story has been represented. Think of this second and last article as a way to give you a more rounded choice on what to do if you decide to follow up on Claymore.


Manga Review: Coppelion

Let’s hop on to a manga that I came across with during a lazy browsing session, shall we? This title has an anime adaptation on its way this month, one that I won’t be bothering much with because of a simple reason.


On Gaming

Tonight we would like to post a fun little blurb. Sure, there are some news worth reporting but our site hits took a mighty dive when we begun dedicating ourselves to news and that’s something we would rather avoid for the time being. So let’s go and talk about videogames for a bit shall we?


Manga Review: Highschool of the Dead

Hey there folks, there are some good things coming our way in the next few months (like a whole new year of anime and manga) but I would love to take this chance and do a quick review of a title I followed closely for a while. I say for a while because I pretty much forgot it existed until today.


News: It’s time to talk about Redline

No, not the craptastic movie by Daniel Sadek released in 2007. We are here to tell you about the anime, or have you forgotten that we are an anime site? This film is going to be hitting theatres in the US and neighbouring Canada pretty soon, so you ought to keep an eye out if you are interested in high production values, fast cars and stylish adrenaline-pumping anime!


The Flip-Side

Well folks, I’m going to admit that I haven’t been in touch with anime as of late, at least not to the extent I used to be. It probably has to do with the long list of complaints I’ve built against the medium (anime, that is), a list that I can promise you will only grow in size as time goes by.


A quick reminder…Fate/Zero

We would like to remind our readers that the clock is ticking before Fate/Zero’s arrival in Japanese airwaves, which means that we can begin enjoying it by next year once it has been localized. Although, those of you who are impatient can get it just as easily as soon as a subbing team gets to work on it.


Lets talk about relationships!

Anime relationships, that is. So we are sorry to disappoint those who thought we had gotten desperate enough to become a romance blog, but know that in a way we are going to delve into the subject of romance, relationships and the fact that many (to the point where we dare say most) titles seem to never bother to have any sort of resolution to romantic relationships.


And we’re back!

Greetings fellow readers and welcome to the newest cycle of news and reviews for AnimeMB! We are happy to say that we are going to be resuming our weekly article schedule for your reading pleasure. Now that the introduction has been put aside, we would like to present today’s article; a perfect representation of our columnist’s opinions and a way for you to catch up with the way things go around here.


Anime Review: Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works

Fate/Stay Night is kind of a big deal around here and most of the internet. It’s one of those licenses that stand out with original characters, plots and ideas that are wild enough to workm and show the world that anime goes a step beyond. This movie was a part of that, and yet…


News: They Could Use a Hand

Greetings folks, we hope you’ve been having a good couple of weeks so far. Today we are going to bring your attention to a topic that we may have seemingly avoided: earthquake relief. Being an anime site means we should have reported on this one way or another, whether it was because of its impact on the industry or out of solidarity to Japan. So today we do our part.


AnimeMB Presents: On Otakus

Well, here we have the final piece of our opinion cycle. We are aware that there may be a lot more of interesting articles to read around the web this week, maybe even today, but why don’t you stop that mouse hand and just read a bit here, huh? Today we have an article about you, the modern otaku. Read on, dear fans, read on…


AnimeMB Presents: The current state of anime

Here’s our second entry in our latest series of opinions, one that will strike a chord with more than one of you. What happened to anime? Keep in mind that the words typed in this here article do not necessarily reflect the opinions of AnimeMB. However, they do reflect those of our one and only writer, so read on if you want to know what he thinks!

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