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AnimeMB Presents: On Piracy

Today we present you with a topic that is sure to spark a flame. If not on your mind then on our forums (oh boy would that be great). Piracy is a touchy issue on the internet, especially around anime boards and communities, but why? That is what we are in here or today!


AnimeMB Presents: On our articles

Hey! It’s been a while since we stopped to address you, dear reader. Let us correct that grave oversight with a simple, community oriented article. We want to tell you why we write what we write, but more importantly ask you if you like it or not. Watch as this article gets hardly any views in a cruel twist of fate!

Akira Final

Anime Vs Manga Review: Akira

And here we bring you the closing entry of our review cycle, whether you read it or not. Was there any reason to dedicate three articles to Akira while other titles got a single one? Yes, not only because it’ll be soon subjected to the horrors of a Hollywood adaptation, but also because many other titles would not exist without its influence. Besides, it’s really worth your time to get to know it and for that we welcome you to our third entry!

Akira Manga

Manga Review: Akira

We hope you guys (by that we mean our two readers) enjoyed our review of the Anime, so here we bring you part two! This review will cut right to the chase, seeing how we made a summary of the general plot of the story in the last. The comparisons will be saved for the final entry of our short series in honor of this classic.


Anime Review: Akira

Today’s review comes in honor of the soon to be bastardized by Hollywood classic, Akira. This title isn’t exactly “PG” (if anything it’s entirely away from it) but it’s still worthy of a review. Not only because it’s a great seminal title that blew many minds away, but also due to the fact that you’ll be forced to adding “Anime” to any search queries as to avoid the adaptation.


Anime Vs Manga Review: Bokurano

Some titles make a seamless transition from one medium to the other, but as we mentioned before on our article, “Anime and Manga: A Broken Link,” this doesn’t happen very often. Bokurano (also known as “Bokurano: Ours”) is sadly one of those titles where something was lost in translation; not something huge, but you can still feel the lingering sensation that something is off.


Manga Review: Onani Master Kurosawa

Let’s strike while the iron is still hot shall we? Today we bring you a humble review for a humble title, one whose name may sound odd or even inappropriate for the site and yet a must review title. This is a humble title with a somewhat niche following, but it still puts some main stream ones to shame. Read on if you are interested (we could use some hits too).


Manga Review: Mirai Nikki (Future Diary)

It’s been a while since we reviewed a manga (or anything for that matter), so we have a special review for you! This manga is rather famous around the internet, has an interesting premise, and it happens to be a mixed bag of both good and bad. So, let us spice things up and skip right into this review!


Review: Cowboy Bebop

You probably heard of this one before, but have you seen it? If not, then shame on you! This is easily one of the greatest anime titles ever made, and we say that without much hype. See, this title wasn’t a “niche” kind of anime; it could be seen by anyone who had a taste for action, drama and the noir genre. It appealed to a great target audience that went beyond anime, so prepare to read a bit and watch much more, because you’ll HAVE to watch this someday.

Sakura Card Captors

Review: Cardcaptor Sakura

Today’s review can be considered as a means of apology for our recent lack of activity. We hope you enjoy one of the most popular animes from the 90’s, and strangely enough, a favorite of mine. Read on and find out if you would be suited to the charming and engaging world of Cardcaptor Sakura!


Reviews: Gunslinger Girl

Today we bring you a quiet, refined, and moderately action-y anime for your consideration. This show isn’t really that old since it ran from October 8, 2003, to February 19, 2004, yet many would be inclined to call it “a classic.” Fans of drama, intrigue, and semi-realism will be in for an interesting combination.


Review: Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt

Here at AnimeMB we have a silent rule, “keep it family friendly.” Today, we give that rule a run for its money as we jump into a review for the one of the most offensive and obscene anime of the last decade, all while keeping it classy of course.

Wish you were her

Review: Evangelion 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance

Well it certainly has been a long while since our last article and we apologize for that. Our one (and only) writer caught a bad case of Chickenpox and that “kiddie” illness sure beats the crap out of adults. So as a means to apologize to you all and jump back on track we are giving you a review of Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance, now available in theatres!


Anime Review: Hellsing

Are you tired by the modern vampire archetype? Do you miss the days when vampires were creatures of the night that preyed on human blood and displayed supernatural powers? Well, odds are you already know of this title if you happen to be in that crowd, but there’s no reason not to go back to Alucard’s violent and stylish take on vampirism.

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